Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/25 - Whole Foods, Beachwood

This gig was pretty uneventful other than seeing our cutie little guitar boy.  His mom and dad showed up at just about every gig during the winter and he was always dressed like a miniature Elmer Fudd, but with his blankie....just way too cute. 

Anyway, one day along with his EF get up and his blankie he had a red guitar.  We tried to get him to play something but he was having no part of it.  According to his parents, he could do a mean "Muffin Man".   

Hadn't seen them all since the winter months, just the mom breezing through, but Friday they were all there, with blankie but no guitar.  He was still just as cute.

East side Chuck was back in action, spinning his date around the salad bar.  Can't remember which song we were doing, but he was actually a good dancer.  After the song ended, he was teaching another guy his dance moves, which was way more entertaining to watch than his dancing with the girlfriend.

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