Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/5 - Fat Little Buddies

I apologize for having neglected the blog (again), but the only thing that really stands out in my mind from all those blogless gigs is the guy in a Tony the Tiger suit at The Wine Bar.  No, not like a costume type of suit, but like a man's suit made from fabric that looked like Tony the Tiger.  He had the whole ensemble topped off with a black fedora.  And somehow, he was able to pull off the look.  Definitely sent out the message that he's a guy who likes to have fun.

Okay, moving on to this gig.  We had to be inside, but got to play on the stage ~ pretty fun!  The stage was actually pretty cool, they had it set up like a living room with a giant Oriental rug, a couch, a fire place and a huge tv.  Plus there was a row of old theater seats along one wall.  Tons of space, so we got to have some elbow room for a change. 

There was an older gentleman who could barely walk, he had to hold on to the backs of the chairs as he went, but he made his was to the back room where we were and sat down and started jamming.  He was just too cute.  Then some girl comes in all by her own self, gets up on the dance floor, raises her arms up and yells out like she's at a rock concert that we're awesome (thank you for that, by the way) and then proceeds to dance all by her own self, which I've done, but there were no other people on the dance floor with her.  So, the old man comes up to her with this big smile on his face and they become the perfect dance couple.  It was just way too great.  That girl (but not Marlo Thomas) made his night.  Of course she had to switch to slow dancing, but she didn't seem to mind. 

And Jake was our celebrity for the night when some guy comes in on the last song and is jammin' away, then he gets this "hey, I know you" look on his face and comes up to the stage.  When we were done, he told Jake that he recognized him from the King of the Blues last year.  So, they kibitzed and caught up.

Oh yeah, and it was the super moon.  I had to sneak out before we started and during the break to catch a glimpse.  There's just something about a full moon.

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