Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whole Foods, Beachwood - 1/25/13


And not just any birthday....his 21st.  That's huge.  Well, technically it was his birthday eve, but it still counts.

So, we were just getting started with setting up and Jake gets a call from his neighbor that the police are at his house.  Yikes!  Turns out that someone tried to break in, but only made it as far as opening the sliding door...opening it just enough to let their 2 labradoodles and 1 border collie out.  Can you imagine the look on the would-be robbers face when he saw those dogs?  And then the look on his face as he's running away with 3 giant crazed dogs on his tail and it dawns on him that he should have slammed the door closed first before he took off.
Thankfully, nothing was taken and the neighbors retrieved the dogs.  As far as I know, the stupid robber got away.

We were asked to sing happy birthday to Jen, but had to wait until she showed up.  The plan was that the girls would give us the signal and we would do our best to embarrass Jen.  Made it through the entire 2 hours without the signal, so we figured that Jen decided to do something else on her birthday and we started to tear things down.  Just then we hear a group of people "singing" happy birthday to Jen.  We were not about to turn things back on to join in. 

As always, there was a wee one who just had to dance, but was oh so too very shy about it.  Her mom kept encouraging her to come over by us and dance so that she could video the event, rather than just watching her daughter being a delight.  Ah...technology...forever changing the course of memorable moments.

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