Monday, February 4, 2013

Mustard Seed - 2/2/13

Well, it's Groundhog Day....again.

Glad to be back at the Mustard Seed after a long leave of absence! 

Talked with a lot of people at this one (between sets and after the gig).  Everyone we talked with seemed to like our music. 

Our new friend, Mark came there on a whim and ended up staying for the duration. 

And oh guess what, I saw East Side Chuck.  Guess this would make him South Side Chuck.  Would really like to know where he's from since we see him quite often in Beachwood.  Didn't get to talk to him, because we were upstairs in the middle of a set and he was downstairs making his way to the checkout.  I'll just have to wait until we see him again in Beachwood.  Hey, maybe he's our following!

The other thing we saw was a heron, but not at the gig. Mudcat spotted him on the way home flying south through a blizzard.  At least he was headed in the right direction.  Perhaps the warmer weather fooled him into sticking around longer or coming back early. 

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