Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Giant Eagle, North Olmsted - 3/22/13

What a fun night! 

Let's see ~ thanks to Joani, Bernie, Dennis, Jane, Brad, and Gayle for stopping out and 
staying for the duration.  I have found that it is actually possible to laugh and sing at the same time. 

Also saw the same little girl who tried to get the dollar back out of the tip bucket the last time we were there.  Oh my goodness, is she cute.  Her hair was done up like Pebbles Flintstone and she watched us by just moving her eyes.  Her head stayed completely still.  She had this serious expression like she was processing everything.  Finally she broke out into a 3 second "dance" and then went back to being serious and eyeballing us again. 

There was a pre-teen girl who made me feel like a rock star, because she kept tugging at her mom's sleeve and pointing over at us and then finally came up closer and took some pictures from her phone, then scurried back to her mom to show her.  Then she was oblivious to us and the world around her while she absorbed herself with whoever was on the receiving end of her text messages. 

I felt like a big star again after the gig when we were doing some grocery shopping (okay, stocking up on wine and beer) and their fishmonger came up to us and asked if we could set up near his counter the next time we play so that he could really hear us.  I have no idea how he recognized us because his area was in the back of the store, around the corner (but not the bar in Lakewood) from where we were set up in the produce section in the front of the store. 

Looking forward to playing back there again in a couple of weeks. 

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