Monday, March 11, 2013

Quarry Hill Winery - 3/9/13

We were a little concerned when we pulled in and found only 2 cars in the parking lot...guess how many people were working then.  If you guessed 2, you would be correct.  I swear it was like one of them called everyone they know and told them to get out there, because shortly after we started playing, the place filled up.  Then we got concerned again when we took our break and people started leaving, but the good news is that the amount of people who left were replaced with the same amount of people, so it was the same packed house but with different faces.

This place is all open with walls-o-windows that look out onto the vineyard and I am really looking forward to going back there in August.  Definitely taking the camera then.   Anyway, it's a big open room with the tables and the bar all together.  A couple older men walk in and take a seat at one of the tables.  They're sitting adjacent to each other with one of the men facing me.  During one of my songs, that man gets up and moves to the other side of the table so that his back is to me.  I felt a little dejected, but then decided that he wanted to watch the TV that was on the wall behind the bar.  After a short time, they both get up and move to the bar.  I mentioned this whole scene to Mudcat to get his take on it and he said that the men were waiting for a spot at the bar to open up.  I never made that connection, because it's usually the other way around where people wait at the bar for a table to open up.  Whatever the real reason, I'm going with this one so that I can believe that it wasn't my singing that caused their move.