Monday, February 11, 2013

Giant Eagle, North Olmsted - 2/8/13

Looks like we're on the grocery store circuit, which is fine by us, it's just a little odd sounding that a band would be playing in a grocery store. 

Giant Eagle in North Olmsted recently added their "dining under the tower" to their many perks.  Six different wines and six different food items for $6 from 6-8pm every Friday.

We were set up right next to the first tasting station that had a yummy beef item and the perfect paring of one of their featured red wines.

Joani and Little Pat came out to support us, although not together, but they did kibitz with each other, which was nice to see.  Jake's friends ventured out as well and stayed for a bit. 

Quite a few people had the same look of "what the what?" when they walked in and saw us, but quickly recovered and hung out at the tasting tables to listen while they sampled the food and wine.

There was a couple with their cute little girl, who was about two-ish, give or take an ish and their infant daughter who slept through the whole thing (not sure if that meant we were boring or soothing).  The older of the 2 girls decided that dancing/running would be way more fun than sitting in the cart and off she went.  Took her a while to get to that stage...she kind of had the deer in the headlights look right at first since it was probably the first live music she witnessed, much less having that experience in a grocery store.  Little kids are way better at getting through the processing part and then on to the fun part than adults seem to be. 

One little boy was trailing his parents and as they passed us he put his hands over his ears.  Of course it was during one of my songs, so I was torn between being amused and having my feelings hurt.  I opted for being amused.

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