Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whole Foods, University Hts - 2/22/13

Oh my goodness, the little kids were so amazingly cute. I love watching them watch us. They're all so serious. Would be interesting to know what their little minds are thinking. One of the boys looked like a miniature Ed Grimley, but was somehow able to make that look completely adorable. And one of the little girls looked like Cindy Lou Hoo.

What a wonderful treat it was to see Tom again!  Haven't seen that boy in about 4 years.  Didn't have nearly enough time to catch up, but it was nice to chit and chat again. 

Ilene, of course was there and we tried to do her favorite "Scotch and Soda".  Still needs some work on my part of things, but it'll get there.  It is a neat little song and I'm glad that she requested it.  The bulk of our repertoire comes from requests.  If we don't know it, we'll learn it.   

Here's an odd thing...well, it's odd to me ~ I saw 2 women sporting the same look.  That's not the odd part, it was the look that they were sporting.  Flip flops.  Keep in mind that it's February in Cleveland.  They both were wearing long pants and winter coats that were buttoned up tight.  Neither of their feet appeared to have issues that would require flops instead of shoes.  Guess it's kind of the same concept as wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, which I've done...so never mind.

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